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Young Life: High School

Serving students at Circle High School.

No matter where high school kids live — in small towns, suburbs or

big cities — Young Life’s commitment to them is the same. We
take them as they are, place no expectations on them and seek to
understand their world. We also offer them fun, a
dventure, direction for the future and hope, not to mention lasting friendships that could change their lives forever.​

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​ Join Wichita Young Life for a weekend at “The Woods!” This weekend is
for students who are interested in learning about what it means to be a follower
of Jesus. All high school students are welcome to join us for this fun weekend
retreat at the beautiful Westminster Woods camp in Fall River, Kansas, less than an
hour and a half away from Wichita. $85 includes all food and activities at camp,
plus a t-shirt! Transportation will vary by school.
  **When paying online, PLEASE put a parent's email address in the 'student email            address' box. This is the email that additional information will be sent to.
  Make Payments and Register HERE​
   Consent Release Form.pdfConsent Release Form.pdf- Required for trip

For more information, contact:   

Seth Lindberg, Circle Coordinator
     (316) 516-6635 


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